Ruinstorm Daemons – Army Focus

In the tumultuous annals of the Horus Heresy, a dark and foreboding chapter emerges – the Ruinstorm. This malevolent cosmic phenomenon, born from the sorcerous machinations of the traitorous Warmaster Horus, cast its suffocating shadow across the galaxy, severing communication and sowing chaos among the Imperium’s scattered realms.

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Dark Angels – Legion Focus

The First Legion, the Dark Angels, epitomize the concept of being a “Jack of All Trades”, but not necessarily “Masters of None”

During the later stages of the Unification Wars and the early days of the Great Crusade, they amassed a wealth of combat experience, before many other Legions had even been established. They developed many of the tactics and strategies that were later adopted by the other Legions, and became the most battle-hardened of all the Imperium’s forces.

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This week we got a nice treat with the Black Library in the form of the short story Primacy

This is a little short story from Marc Collins previous known for Eater of Dreams in The Horus Heresy, which was another short story, that I thought was quite good!

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Garro: Knight of Grey

Last weekend the latest Siege of Terra novella hit our desks, and this was the conclusion to the story of Garro, a fan favourite character first introduced in The Flight of the Eisenstein by James Swallow, and whose adventures continued in a well received series of audio dramas and the occasional appearance in the main and Siege of Terra series.

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