Garro: Knight of Grey

Last weekend the latest Siege of Terra novella hit our desks, and this was the conclusion to the story of Garro, a fan favourite character first introduced in The Flight of the Eisenstein by James Swallow, and whose adventures continued in a well received series of audio dramas and the occasional appearance in the main and Siege of Terra series.

This book has been long awaited and brings a conclusion to his story, again written by the man who started his story, Jame Swallow, and this book doesn’t disaapoint!

Garros stories are ones I have always looked forward to, and I have been desperately waiting for this story, and it didn’t disappoint, it is a tad slow, and the book is rather short, but when it kicks off, it really goes all out.

I am gonna be honest, I think the publication timing didn’t work, and it really should have come out prior to Warhawk, as it did remove some of the tension knowing what happened in that story.

But this was a very appropriate end to Garro’s story, but it was a bit too short for the price, and I really think, it was priced a bit too hight especially the audio version.

I also would have loved for this to have been an audio drama, but in the afterword, James does explain why it didn’t happen that way.

The ending hits hard, and I really think that you ought to read this story if you have been following along with his story.

Garro: Knight of Grey is available now as a paperback, eBook and audiobook!

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