This week we got a nice treat with the Black Library Celebration 2023 in the form of the short story Primacy

This is a little short story from Marc Collins previous known for Eater of Dreams in The Horus Heresy, which was another short story, that I thought was quite good!

Anyway this story is set in the aftermath of Fulgrims accession to Deamon Princedom that we saw in Angel Exterminatus, as the IIIrd Legion gather to discuss what they want to do now, do they follow the Primarch, or seek to serve The Warmaster.

Lord Commander Eidolon, the Soul-Severed is considered a bit of a joke by the rest of the Legion, broken and a symbol of the Legions past, but he has given himself fully to the Dark Prince, and presents a third way, another choice, but he will have to prove his way is the best for the Legion.

So this is a nice little story, full of political intrigue and the machinations of the issues the Emperors Children are facing after Fulgrim leaves to join the Great Game, and they find themselves at a crossroads.

There is some action, but its not a great amount, and it works, it compliments the story perfectly.

The descriptions of the IIIrds feats are perfectly disgusting and really show how far they have fallen.

I really hope that the Horus Heresy is kept around as a book setting, because I think Marc could write an amazing novel if given the chance.

5 stars from me!

Primacy is out now as an eBook.

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