Get a Head Start in the Age of Darkness

So last month the trailer dropped and the desire to start Heresy has risen for a lot of people, especially after the Open Day!

But why wait for a new box, when you can get started now because there are lots of awesome kits out there and available right now!

So let’s take a look at what you can use from the current plastic GW range of models, note several Heresy specific kits, like the Marines, Terminators and HQs are currently not listed on the website as we understand they are undergoing a reboxing, but most should return for the launch of the new edition in June.

This list is for marines and really has a focus on the loyal factions, but the generic stuff will suit most legions.

Some stuff may need some conversion work, eg removing the Crux Terminatus on the Terminators, but most of it should slot right in, and there are characters that can be the basis for some great character conversions.

Also if you are going for a late Heresy army, don’t neglect looking at the Chaos Space Marines range, which whilst very much Chaosified, would suit certain legions, such as the Word Bearers and Sons of Horus.

And for Siege era Death Guard, the 40K range has some cool options that would work.

Also Alan Bligh said himself that much of the 40K Thousand Sons range was perfect for Heresy, so don’t ignore those for the Sons of Magnus.

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Dreadnought – £32.50 (£32.50 @ Element Games)

The basic boxnought has a place in Heresy and in some respects can be easier to use and better than the Contemptor

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Venerable Dreadnought – £36 (£30.60 @ Element Games)

A slightly fancier Dreadnought that has a few different weapon options to the standard one.

Terminator Squad – £35 (£29.76 @ Element Games)

This is basic Indomitus Pattern Armour and is perfectly great for Heresy, the Storm Bolters just count as Combi-Bolters!

Even has an Assault Cannon for Blood Angels and Imperial Fists players!

Terminator Assault Squad – £35 (£29.76 @ Element Games)

Same as above, just comes with Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers, but the Storm Shields can’t be used for most Legions.


Scouts – £21(£17.85 @ Element Games)

These Space Marines scouts will count fantastically for Recon Marines in Recon Armour, and come with a choice of Bolters or Shotguns.

To make them look perfect, just file off the Aquila.

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Scouts with Sniper Rifles – £21(£17.85 @ Element Games)

Similar to the Scouts above, but armed with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks.

Fast Attack

Attack Bike – £21 (£17.84 @ Element Games)

Pop on some MKIV torsos and heads and you have a passable unit

Bike Squad – £26 (£26 @ Element Games)

Same as above, toros and heads and you are sorted!

Land Speeder – £24 (£24 @ Element Games)

Same as the bikes, some toros swaps and you have a perfect Heresy unit.

Heavy Support

Land Raider – £52.50 (£52.50 @ Element Games)

This kit is amazing and fits into so many Heresy armies, I use two of them in my Death Guard and fancy a third!

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Whirlwind – £36 (£36 @ Element Games)

Useable in Artillery Squadrons, you can take a maximum of three of these.

They are a classic model and will look great in Iron Warriors or Imperial Fists armies.

Predator – £40 (£34.01 @ Element Games)

The basic Space Marine tank, and with certain Rites of War can even be used as a troop choice.

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Baal Predator – £40 (£40 @ Element Games)

A Preadror but with different weapons that can be used in Heresy for making a Predator Infernus

Vindicator – £40 (£34.01 @ Element Games)

Another classic and super reliable Heresy choice, we see so many of these at Company of Legends!

Dedicated Transports

Drop Pod – £30 (£25.48 @ Element Games)

Yeah this model is amazing and works a charm for getting troops where they need to go!

Rhino – £30 (£25.51 @ Element Games)

You know it, you love it, the standard Mars Pattern Rhino is your basic transport in Heresy.

Legion Specific

The good thing about Primaris shoulder pads is that they are basically MKIV ones, so can easily be used for Heresy!

Dark Angels

Dark Angels Upgrades – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

I think pretty much everything here works in Heresy.

Ravenwing Accessory Pack – £9.50 (£9.50 @ Element Games)

Lots of grebbles to put on your vehicles to make them more fitting for the 1st Legion.

Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

Shoulder pads that work great for MKIV, some grebbbles and a couple of heads.

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain – £20 (£20 @ Element Games)

I Think this would work as a Heresy era Chaplain.

Company Veterans – £21 (£17.85 @ Element Games)

You could take a lot of the stuff here to use to make some upgrades to your 1st Legion officers.

Deathwing Terminator Squad – £36 (£30.60 @ Element Games)

A Dark Angels terminator squad in Indomitus Terminator Armour, could look a really good in Heresy with some conversion work.

White Scars

White Scars Primaris Upgrades & Transfers – £16 (£13.60 @ Element Games)

Your MKIV shoulder pads, heads and greebles that are obligatory for the loyalist chapters!

Space Wolves

Wolf Guard Terminators – £35 (£29.76 @ Element Games)

I think these guys would look the part for Terminators of the Rout in Indomitus Armour

Space Wolves Upgrade Pack – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

Some fancy shoulder pads, all of which should work with the Wolves of Fenris and a few greebles too!

Space Wolves Primaris Upgrades – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

A pattern will emerge here, you get some what are essentially MKIV shoulder pads and grebbles for the Vilka Fenrikya

Njal Stormcaller in Terminator Armour – £17 (£17 @ Element Games)

This is a character that could potentially be used as the basis for a character conversion for Heresy, not sure, but I would be willing to give it a go!

Arjac Rockfist – £17 (£17 @ Element Games)

Again a potential basis for a character conversion

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought – £36 (£30.60 @ Element Games)

A chapter specific boxnaught which can give you some options to really give you army some standout dreadnoughts!

Imperial Fists

Imperial Fists: Upgrades and Transfers – £16 (£13.60 @ Element Games)

MKIV shoulder pads, and a fair few greebles and heads to upgrade the sons of Dorn.

Fafnir Rann – £19 (£15.30 @ Element Games)

A hero of the Imperial Fists and a new Heresy era character in plastic!

Black Templars: Upgrade and Transfers – £21 (£17.85 @ Element Games)

Lots of shoulder pads and grebbles to make Templars for the Fists under the leadership of Sigismund

Blood Angels

Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

MKIV shoulder pads, some grebbles and a couple of heads

Blood Angels Upgrade Pack – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

I think almost everything in here can be used for Heresy myself

Dominion Zephon – £19 (£15.30 @ Element Games)

Brand new Heresy era character model to lead your forces during the Siege of Terra!

Sanguinary Priest – £21 (£17.85 @ Element Games)

At a push I think it could be used as an Apothecary in Heresy, but I think this is marginal.

Blood Angels Chaplain with Jump Pack – £21 (£17.85 @ Element Games)

Again a possible Warden for the Blood Angels in the Heresy

Sanguinary Guard – £32.50 (£27.61 @ Element Games)

This is basically a Command Squad for the Blood Angels in Heresy, no special rules but they are wearing MKIV armour.

Furioso Dreadnought – £36 (£30.61 @ Element Games)

A Blood Angels specific Dreadnought that you could easily use in Heresy.

Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad – £36 (£36 @ Element Games)

Another Legion specific terminator squad that with some conversion work would fit right into the Heresy era.

Iron Hands

Iron Hands: Upgrades and Transfers – £16 (£13.60 @ Element Games)

MKIV shoulder pads, heads and grebbles that will enhance generic Marines.


Ultramarines Upgrade Pack – £9.50 (£8.08 @ Element Games)

Some shoulder pads, but fancy ones that are good for Sgts and Veterans, plus some swords and heads.

Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades – £11 (£9.35 @ Element Games)

MKIV Shoulder Pads, couple of heads, and a few little greebles.


Salamanders: Upgrades and Transfers – £16 (£13.60 @ Element Games)

Yet more MKIV shoulder pads, but less in the way of heads and grebbles.

Raven Guard

Raven Guard: Upgrades and Transfers – £16 (£13.60 @ Element Games)

Like the other legion kits, some MKIV shoulder pads, head and grebbles.

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