Preparing for Company of Legends – Terrain

The biggest challenge in organising an event, is in my opinion, terrain.

Without it, you don’t have an event, period.

Now back when I was a nipper, we had Warhammer Fantasy Battle events at my local club in rural Suffolk, with the tables being a green bedsheet with books underneath to make hills.

But these days, paying punters expect more, they expect good terrain that looks the part.

Now I know I promised to never slag off the London GT again, but I have to bring it up, that event we went to, is a byword for bad Wargames terrain, to the point where it became a meme.

It was lazy, dreadful looking and embarrassed British war gamers the world over.

Thankfully for Heresy, the EO, the amazing Greg Dann of The Imperial Truth (go check out his podcast, his voice is very relaxing to listen to) sorted out us with terrain which looked the part and did a great job.

And on a side note, ask Graham someday about the hotel he booked us for that event, it’s an interesting story!

Edge of Empire Terrain Collection

At Edge of Empire we have a collection of terrain that’s spread across my girlfriends parents attic and my storage/server room.

We currently have 13 tables worth of terrain, plus two Kill Team Kill Zones we combine in to a 14th table, and one table of Zone Mortalis terrain.

Currently in production we have a 15th table which is being made up of stuff we are getting from Warhammer 40,000 Imperium, plus a few other bits and bobs.

But I wouldn’t say any of those tables are in fact perfect, and we are always working on them.

Hence I am desperately painting before each event to make sure we have upgraded enough of the boxes.

For this forthcoming event in a few weeks, we have added to our Sector Mechanicum boxes, both of which look amazing, but have a lack of Line of Sight blocking terrain.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

One box is getting a pair of Haemotrope Reactors and both boxes are getting a box of STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins that I painted up this weekend.

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What’s The Plan

Long term, we aren’t expanding our terrain past 15 tables worth, frankly in its current form, Company of Legends will not be expanding past 30 players.

We want more room in the hall and less stress, so the Imperium table will be the last.

We are going to add another Zone Mortalis table, which I currently have to 2×2 and have just ordered another set of tiles from Element Games yesterday. The plan is to have two 3×3 tables.

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And a table of Adeptus Titanicus terrain is highly likely as well.

So That’s That

We are very happy that we are in a position where we have got a good collection of terrain, it’s taken five years of hard work to get here.

And things like Kill Team, Conquest and Imperium have been a massive help, plus we have had two Vertigus and two Charadon terrain boxes.

The biggest issue we face is storage, long term that’s gonna be a massive issue for me, never know maybe one day I will win the lottery or become a massive YouTube star and we can afford to rent a studio/storage space!

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Anyway, for those of you coming in a couple of weeks, I hope you like the terrain, but either way, let us know how we can improve.

How else will Rob be able to take the mick out of me for painting yet another set of Munitorium Armoured Containers.

Oh by the way, I have now painted 36 Munitorium Armoured Containers since the set was first released, thats 12 boxes worth, although to be fair, most of them came from Warhammer 40,000 Conquest!

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