Community Showcase – September 2021

Sorry for the late post today, but I have been away at a wedding and thus this slipped my mind altogether.

So without further ado, lets see what the community has sent us this month.

John McShane

Hey guys

I have been slowly making each Blackshield individually to try and create Some character.

With this concept I went for a former salamander who has still not managed to remove his old legions colour.

Mark Howlett

Mark has sent us this amazing Vigilator for his Alpha Legion.

James Turner


This month has been mainly focused upon The War of the False Primarch again – find out more here:

I painted up some Void Hoplites (using Solar Auxilia), and a Furibundus Dreadnought as well as a mini to represent my ‘narrator’ in the project Cassar Illiatauriu you can check out his ramblings here if you like:

I also painted up a Void Baron and shot a ‘cinematic’ photo of him squaring off with an Ordo Astartes operative.

I also painted up the terrain you can see in the background of some of the photos too.

Grant Willis

I 3d printed and painted up 30 tech thralls for the Attrition Gaming doubles event last weekend.

James Gibb

This chap is an addition to my 1st Legion

Paul Shaw

Working on some imperial fists sadly not fully painted yet.

Chris Wildman

Did a White Scars tester for a client interested in an army

Lewis Fox

Trying something new

James Warwick-Snow

James has sent us what appear to be Blood Angels from the Indomitus set.

Adam Owens

He just titled this one – The Dream Team

Anthony Little

Mymidon destructors go!

James Anthony

James sent us in this photo of his army ready to rock!

If you want to be featured next month, then email, and we will include them.

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