Straight Silver – Coming Soon

What is the Straight Silver podcast about?

Brought to you from 75% of the Edge of Empire team (Chris, Graham & Rob) we aim to recount in as much detail as possible the long & storied history of the Sabbat Worlds & the crusade launched in 755.M41 to reclaim them for the Emperor.

Every month we will look at the events of the crusade in chronological order starting with the original colonisation of the Sabbat worlds five thousand years before the crusade.

Covering all your favourites such as the Tanith First & Only, The Phantine Air Corps, Warmasters Slaydo and Macaroth, those Twisted chaotic parodies of the Astra Militarum, the Blood Pact & Sons of Sek; plus of course, you couldn’t have a Sabbat crusade without the Saint herself…..

What the fething gak else could you want?

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