Episode 3 – Live From the Garden of Nurgle… (Year 4)

Welcome to Episode 3 of Year 4 of Edge of Empire, and joining us for the next few shows is Rob Ing, one of the troublemakers of the Heresy scene here to shake us up a bit.

  • Take a quick look at this months new releases
  • An update of what we have been up to this month.
  • A run through of this month’s news.      
  • The Augury Scanner is turned on and we see what has captured our interest.
  • We then talk about Company of Legends
  • For this month’s list challenge, we take on the mighty Space Wolves with Rob being the judge, jury and executioner!
  • And finally we do a round up of forthcoming events.
  • 0:00:34 – Introduction
  • 0:11:38 – New Releases
  • 0:44:50 – What We Have Been Up To
  • 1:21:28 – State of the Union
  • 2:18:42 – Engine Kill
  • 2:27:43 – The Augury Scanner
  • 2:47:04 – Books
  • 2:51:48 – Company of Legends
  • 2:59:04 – Space Wolves List Challenge
  • 3:50:00 – Event Shoutouts
  • 3:54:27 – Close

Total Run Time – 4:01:09

Show Notes

New Releases

What We Are Up To

Projects for Episode 3 (Year 4)
Heresy Bunker March 2020

State of the Union

Engine Kill

Adeptus Titanicus Cerastus Knights

Augury Scanner

List Challenge

Current 2020 List Challenge Standings

Name Fun to Play




  • 28th March @ 2:00pm GMT – Warhammer Community Online Seminar 
  • 4th April @ 2:00pm BST – Warhammer Community Online Semina


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