Episode 5 – Dads Army Fest! (Year 3)

Welcome to Episode 5 of Year 3 of Edge of Empire!

Tonight on this show we have.

  • A quick look at this months new releases
  • An update of what we have been up to this month.
  • A run through of this months news, including a report from Warhammer Fest by Michael.
  • We look at what’s upcoming from Black Library.
  • We run down the lists that we are taking to the Throne of Skulls Doubles later this month.
  • We open up Grahams Postbag and then give our advice on painting leather.
  • We take a look at the new stuff added in Malevolence.
  • For this month’s list challenge, we take on 3000pts lists which include on of the new Consuls.
  • And finally we will look at what events are coming up across the UK.

As we mention later in the show, here is a link for our Just Giving page for the raffle to win a set of Edge of Empire Cufflinks and a copy of Visions of Heresy.

0:00:36 – Introduction
0:03:13 – New Releases
0:32:42 – What We Have Been Up To
1:18:52 – State of the Union
2:02:10 – Warhammer Fest Part 1
2:33:41 – Warhammer Fest Part 2
3:08:44 – Engine Kill
3:16:10 – Grahams Postbag
3:32:51 – Hobby Tips
3:37:49 – Books
3:39:40 – Throne of Skulls Lists
4:07:56 – New Units from Book 8
4:29:47 – New Consuls Lists
5:03:43 – Event Shoutouts
5:09:30 – Close

Total Run Time – 5:16:17

Show Notes

New Releases

What We Are Up To

State of the Union

Engine Kill

Grahams Post Bag

Hobby Tips

Throne of Skulls Doubles List

List Challenge



25th May – Throne of Skulls Doubles – Warhammer World, Nottingham
1st June – The Fall of Andromache, Kirto
9th June – The Quick & The Dead – Durham
15th June – 1500pts Centurion Event – Leodis Games, Leeds
15th June – The Knocc Cataclysm – Common Ground Games, Stirling
6th July – Roll Dice Gaming 2019 + Bristol City Open – Bristol
12th July – The Ophion Ploy – Incom Gaming, Cheltenham, Includes Centurion and Adeptus Titanicus
21st July – Fall of Kiron – Eastleigh
21st July – One Day of Heresy –  Bristol Independent Gaming, Bristol
27th July – Dispute of Iron II – Polesworth
27th July – Purging of Melos – Element Games, Stockport
24th August – Beta-Garmon – Sea of Fire – Bad Moon Cafe, London, Mixed AoD and AT event.
24th August – The Reckoning of Dalaan Prime – Firestorm Games, Cardiff – An Imperial Truth Event
31st August – Flashpoint: Cortona – Common Ground Games, Stirling
13th September – The London GT, London
27th September – Company of Legends, Durham
26th October – Cataclysm of Iron III – Polesworth
1st November – Blood and Glory, Derby
16th November – The Return To Harmony 2 – Board in Brum, Birmingham
24th November – Titan Muster 2019 – Polesworth


31st May – UK Games Expo, Birmingham
1st June – Black Library Live, Warhammer World


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