Episode 4 – We Made It To Our 25th Show, and Chris Has A Meltdown! (Year 3)

Welcome to Episode 4 of Year 3 of Edge of Empire!

Tonight on this our 25th main show we have

  • A quick look at this months new releases
  • An update of what we have been up to this month.
  • A run through of this months news.
  • We look at the upcoming releases from Black Library.
  • For a celebration of our 25th show we decided to give you guys a bit more about us, our backgrounds and how we came to the hobby, and why we play the armies we play.
  • For this month’s list challenge, we are joined by three of our listeners as we discuss our ideas for doubles lists with the theme of Defenders of Terra.
  • And finally we will look at what events are coming up across the UK.

And a big shout out to Graham Campbell, aka Scottish Graham, who has become our fist Patreon backer!

As we mention later in the show, here is a link for our Just Giving page for the raffle to win a set of Edge of Empire Cufflinks and a copy of Visions of Heresy.

0:00:35 – Introduction
0:0:5:57 – New Releases & A Rant From Chris
1:10:08 – What We Have Been Up To
1:40:35 – State of the Union
2:28:45 – Engine Kill
2:36:28 – Grahams Postbag
2:52:42 – All About The Team
4:06:22 – Defenders of Terra List Challenge
5:21:53 – Event Shoutouts
5:33:32 – Upcoming Books
5:36:59 – Close

Total Run Time – 5:43:22

Show Notes

New Releases

What We Are Up To

State of the Union

Siege of Terra: John French

Siege of Terra: Guy Haley

Hedonites of Slaanesh Miniatures Reveal

Fifty Shelves of Grey

The Warhammer Lifestyle Assistant

VoxCast – Episode 9: Dan Abnett

Hammers and Eagles

Some things were meant to be together

It’s all Warhammer

How to Paint: Primaris Vanguard Camo Cloaks

How to Paint: Speed Painting Alpha Legion

Engine Kill

Grahams Post Bag

List Challenge





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