Company of Legends 2018 – Day 1

Day 1 has gone very well and currently the sides are drawing, with a round won each and one being a draw.

We have put together a short video with some photos of the games for you guys to look at, will try and make a better one tomorrow.

We have been live streaming the games on Facebook Live, which has been quite cool, and these games will be getting uploaded to YouTube throughout next week. We have so far today had on the table:-

  • Aidan Connor and his Space Wolves vs Joe Freeman’s Night Lords
  • Tom Stallard of Geno Five-Two using his Mechanicum vs Rich Gentry’s Iron Hands
  • Two games of Pete Rees and his Thousand Sons vs Northern Herersys Jens Träff and his Talons of the Emperor and Imperial Fists.

We have two games left to play and these will be live streamed on our Facebook page for all of you guys who can’t be here, got a couple of guys in mind I want on the table, and hopefully I can sort that out.

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