The Mastodon

Had a couple of people asking if I could put up some photos of my Mastodon so I figured I would oblige. So here are some I posted on Instagram.

I loved painting this model, it was a joy to paint, it was a little bit of a pain to get together, some of the parts didn’t align quite right, but once it was together it just looks beautiful. A real centrepiece model for my army.

The inside is fully painted but you can’t really see that as I decided to glue on the roof and command deck to keep the model as stable as possible, I could have gotten away with doing less work, but I am pleased I put in the effort, not that it was much effort, it’s a gunmetal interior.

The most annoying part of it was doing the transfers, simply because I put so many on, and for this I used a mixture of transfers form the Betrayal at Calth sheets, the Word Bearers Legion Transfer Sheet, and a Chaos Space Marines transfer sheet I got in a Helbrute I bought for my 40k Death Guard.

My plan is to fill it with 15 Tartaros Terminators and a Contemptor and simple point it at the enemy and hope they can do the damage they need to do.

Here is hoping I can get a game with it soon, oh and it’s nice to know I can fit it into a 2000pt list in 8th Edition 40k as well, and it’s not all that cheesy either!

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