Company of Legends – Narrative

Game 1 – Loyalist Slaughter the Traitors 10 to 5

GAME 2 Narrative – Loyalists

+++Communication – Urgent+++

All commanders in Angstrom Sector

Initial Traitor incursion has been repulsed. The stalwart defending by the combined forces slaughtered the traitors as they tried to force a beachhead from the warpstorm. Mustering point on Agnstrom Xi however is in enemy hands and will need to be repulsed.

Angston VI and II were both held, the agri world and the forge world are still held and the bodies of the traitors litter the streets.


GAME 2 Narrative – Traitors

+++Communication – Urgent+++

All commanders in Angstrom Sector

Our surprise attack has been completely repulsed. The hammer blow from our initial attack fell short and both Angstrom VI and II were held. The Warmaster is displeased.

The only potential good news is that the mustering point on Angstrom XI has been held giving us a foothold in the sector.

The Line must hold!

We will focus our defence on Angstrom XI but the remaining forces will be deployed in a counter attack on Angstrom 1


GAME 2 Traitors win result with 7 wins vs 6 wins for the loyalists and one draw

OVERALL SECTOR SCORE – Loyalist 4 – Traitors 2

GAME 3 Communication for the loyalist team

+++Communication – Urgent+++

The Siege

Traitors attempted an outflank in the sector to remove us from Angstrom 1 in order to relieve the forces on Angstrom 11

They failed

We drove them back on Angstrom 1 , however the battles were not decisive and a stalemate on that planet now exists.

On Angstrom 11 the traitors reinforced and have pushed us back slightly. We need to regroup and smash them with overwhelming force in both Angstrom 2 and Angstrom 11, regroup on Angstrom 10

Current world in our control Angstrom 6, Angstrom 2

++ End communication

Communication for the traitor’s team

+++Communication – Urgent+++

The Siege

Our outflank on Angstrom 1 nearly succeeded; however stiff resistance from the loyalist made has turned this into a long drawn out siege. Good!
We will drive them from this planet and push on to the prize that is Angstrom II

Our assault on Angstrom 11 was successful; we have driven the loyalists from the planet. Now brothers! On to Angstrom 10 to crush them and drive them further into the sector.

Current world in our control Angstrom 11

++ End communication

GAME 3 Traitors win result with 3 doubles wins vs 2 wins for the loyalists and one draw

OVERALL SECTOR SCORE – Loyalist 4 – Traitors 4

GAME 4 Narrative – Loyalists

+++ Communication from high command +++

We have repulsed the traitors yet again from the defence lines of the sector and driven them back to Angstrom 11. We urgently need to crush their presence in this sector to break their blockade of the system and get vital reinforcements.

System scouts however report enemy activity near Angstrom 9 and Angstrom 2, our cogi techs believe that they are attempting to cut off the promethium supplies to the sector and plunge the sector into darkness. This must not come to pass.


GAME 4 narrative: Traitors

+++ Communication from high command +++

Our attack on Angstrom 9 was beaten back whilst trying to remove the loyalists defences and have fallen back to Angstrom 11 with the loyalist dogs snapping at our heals in order to finally crush their resolve, however this has given our forces a much better foothold on Angstrom 1 and are now in position to push on to the overarching goal of the campaign, the forge world of Angstrom 2.

In order to cut the loyalists off completely, we are launching an attack on Angstrom 8 to drain all the promethium from their supplies so we can murder them whilst they cower in the darkness!


Game 4 Overall Sector result

  • Angstrom 2 and 6– Loyalists
  • Angstrom 11, 8 and 1 – Traitor
  • Angstrom 9: no overall control

Loyalists – 4 Traitor’s 6 Slaughter vs win win win

GAME 5 Narrative – Loyalists

++++ Urgent Communication all loyalist forces in the Angstrom Sector +++

The defences have fallen; both our counter attack on Angstrom 11 and our defence of angstrom 8 have failed. All forces to muster on the Knight world of Angstrom 7.

All commanders in sector must deploy all forces to this planet, which will be the last bastion of defence to prevent to Warmaster taking this vital sector and from there, on to terra.

This is where the stalemate will be broken and the traitors will be driven from this sector.

The Emperor Expects.


GAME 5 Narrative – Traitors

++++ Urgent Communication all Warmaster forces in the Angstrom Sector +++

The defences of Angstrom 11 and our attack of angstrom 8 have succeeded. The forces of the Emperor now cover in fear as the inexorable advance of our forces, we will drive them before us and from there, on to Terra itself where we shall bring the emperor and his lackeys into the streets to stand trial , judged by the true saviours of mankind and him, along with the Sigilite , utterly destroyed!

All forces to muster on the Knight world of Angstrom 7, where the loyalist forces wait us.


Game 5 Results

Traitors Slaughter – Overall Sector now belongs to the forces of the Warmaster

From the collection “Angstrom: The tip of the spear – its part in the Heresy” by Volurix Skribner, Historgrapher of the pan triberia collegute.

“The sublimation of the planets in the Angstrom served to r further the aims of the Warmaster in his eventual prosecution of the heresy up until his destruction on Terra. The resources and forges captured intact by this lightning strikes and the swift action of the traitor legions left the loyalist legions and defenders reeling and eventually overrun before they could mount a successful rear guard action.

Despite a disastrous first assault , with may thousands slain in the first hours of the battle, the forces of the Warmaster proved more resilient to the longer siege based war as it went on and eventually, whilst scoring no decisive victories until Angstrom 7, ground the loyalist defenders down until on the plains of Angstrom 7 finally encircled and utterly destroyed them. It would take some time for the forces of the imperium to regroup and reequip sufficiently to launch any rescues of the sector, all though pockets of gruella forces did fight on for many years”

Forces involved


Dark Angles, Ultramarines, Space Wolves Legio Custodes Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Imperial Fists, Iron hands, Mechnicum (Ordo redactor) Sisters of silence, Loyal Death Guard, Loyal Iron Warriors

Warmaster Horus:

Night Lords,Thousand Sons,Solar Auxilla (Traitor), Death Guard, Chaos Demons and cults, World Eaters, Iron Warriros, Mechcanicum, Iron Warriros, Sons of Horus, Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, Mechanicum (Legio Cybernatica)

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