Aunt Sally Gets FAQd! – Episode 1 (Year 8)

Welcome to Episode 1 of Year 8 of Edge of Empire, and tonight we do the following:-

  • Take a look at this months new releases
  • Talk about what we have been up to
  • Look at the State of the Union
  • And Aunt Sally looks at the new FAQ

Audio Timestamps

0:01:01 – Intro
0:02:10 – New Releases
0:24:00 – What We Have Been Up To
0:56:56 – State of the Union
1:53:23 – Aunt Sally Gets FAQd
3:06:18 – Close

Total Runtime:- 3:11:55

Video Timestamps

0:00:08 – Intro
0:01:23 – New Releases
0:23:11 – What We Have Been Up To
0:56:11- State of the Union
1:52:43 – Aunt Sally Gets FAQd
3:07:48 – Close

Total Runtime:- 3:10:47

Show Notes

New Releases

Tangential Items

What We Are Up To

Projects for E01Y08

State of the Union

Epic News


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