Community Showcase – August 2021

We are trying something new this month, we want to showcase some of our listener’s hobby progress, be it Heresy or not.

So lets crack on and see what you lot haver been up to this month!

Ian Weber

I’ve been working on a Thousand Sons army this year (I can hear Rob’s inner Space Wolf seething now…). I’ve wanted to do something that tests and pushes my skills and takes me right out of my comfort zone. Bought an airbursh and everything (after a solid 25+ years as a hairy stick user)!

Enough rambling though! I’ve gone for an aesthetic that says these guys have taken a beating at Prospero. The armour colour is the usual candy red you’ll see on TS armies (I’m using contrast red over a gold basecoat), but ive taken the weathering to the next level for me. As you can see from the photos, there’s a huge amount of chipping and scratching on the armour – all done with a brush and a bit of sponge (thanks to the multi-layered red, something like chipping medium or hairspray isn’t viable). It’s labour intensive to say the least! 

The big boy I’m working on right now is the Falchion. Same aesthetic choice as the infantry, chipped and scratched to hell. Taken a lickin’ but kept on tickin’, as they say. It’s the first superheavy I’ve ever painted, and as such the biggest model I’ve ever done. It’s still a way off being finished; lots more to do on the cannons at the very least! 

Next up will be three characters – a Praetor based on the Amon model, a Librarian based on Sevrin Loth, and a Moritat kitbashed up from scratch. Then there’s a tactical squad waiting, and from there lots of plasma cannon toting space wizards.  I guess I’ll finish up by saying I love the show – it keeps me sane on dog walks and whilst digging through Excel spreadsheets. Keep up the great work! Oh, and hashtag shameless plug – my Instagram has all my heresy stuff on it (Night Lords, Salamanders, and now Space Egyptians) – @imwebber30k

Megan Ruffell

Megan has been working on a Mek Gun Bubblechukka for her 40k Orks this month, its taken her a while but she is very proud of her work.

James Turner

Friend of the show, Jame Turner sent us these in

Hopefully these are ok, it’s been a bit of a light month hobbywise, but I did paint up two Silver Stars for the War of the False Primarch project.

He also worked on this amazing Ogre for Blood Bowl, absolutely love this!

James Collett

James sent us in these photos of his work.

Done some Daemons, a plasma sicaran turret and some lizard men this month 🙂

Chris Wildman

Chris from The Unrelenting Brush sent us this great photo of some Space Wolves he painted this month.

Easy guys, I would be honoured and flattered if you’d like to show off the Wolves I sorted with Lil Legend the other weekend. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to and get my Heresy fire raging!

John McShane

While I wait for an update on heresy 2.0 

I thought I’d show of my Blackshield marauder chief.


Phil Muscroft

I’ve got these dudes which were originally for an elite 30k thousands sons force.

Paul Shaw

My reaver lord arkhas fal for my black shields who founded carcharodons Astra chapter

Chris Gibson

Of the Orlock Powerfist chain, this is some work that Chris is extremely proud of, which he should be!

Just a few pics, but these are probs the things I’m most proud of from over the past 2 years.

Mark Howlett

Ok Mark knows how to get me super excited!

Chaos Dwarf!!

Dafydd Williams

Thought I’d submit some ironjawz I’m working on currently as I take a couple months off painting purple power armour. 

Grant Willis

This month I managed to finish painting 4 ruinstorm daemon brutes for my creeping scourge list… 3 with wings and a final one on foot for a larger unit I painted previous. 

I also drove headlong into WHFB and painted 15 old metal giant rats, metal packmasters, and then I 3d printed and painted 6 rat ogres, a rat ogre bonebreaker (monstrous mount for a lord type character) and a brood horror.


Its a PC built in a Stormblade!

We’ve all seen a lot of case mods, but its been a while since I’ve seen one this dedicated to a single fandom: Crafted in the image of a Stormblade Super-Heavy Tank from Warhammer 40,000. The build, posted to Reddit and by a Russian designer who goes by Alex, IncCaseCrafting, or Megolet, is mostly made from sheets of what looks like laser-cut birch plywood. Weighing between 20-25 kilograms—that’s 45-55 pounds or 3-4 stone—it’s a beast of a build not just in construction, but in detail.

Here’s the interior, which has what Megolet considered a test build of an i9, RTX 2060, and EATX motherboard. For now, though, it’s empty: with Megolet saying they “don’t have worthy hardware” for the final build, which will include liquid cooling.

Here’s a PC case that looks like a Warhammer 40k super-heavy tank | PC Gamer

Rob Ing

Last but not least Rob has been working on a Squiggy Gloomspite Gits force for Age of Sigmar, he stresses that this is very much a work in progress!

Thought’s From The Team

Some amazing boys of work in there, awesome work everyone!

So many great things on display, but how mean does that Blackshield look! Brilliant stuff.


So many amazing models to see there, my personal favourite is the Chaos Dwarf, but that was my very first army back in the times before well, before I got old.

Some amazing Blackshields too, are they this years Militia???


If you want to be featured next month, then email, and we will include them.

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