Boardwalk Edge of Empire – Conquest

This month sees this feature change name and become Boardwalk Walk of Empire as requested by Graham

And we will he taking a look at the Conquest Terrain table, which as the name implies, mostly contains scenery that cane from Warhammer 40,000 Conquest, with a few pieces donated by Chris.

The first bit of terrain are three Munitorium Armoured Containers and their associated crates and promethium barrels.

These are done in the scheme suggested by the magazine, but instead of drybrushing the ted with Bugmans Glow it was done in Astaroth Red.

Next up are some STC Ryza Pattern Ruins and a Sector Fronteris which was added to the collection fairly early onto bulk it out.

These were painted by priming them black then dry brushing with Dawnstone, the window ledges were picked out in Averland Sunset and then dry brushed with Screaming Skull.

Next up are some Thermic Plasma Conduits, these were based in Leadbelcher before being washed first with Nuln Oil and then Agrax Earthshade before getting a dry brush of Necron Compound.

The green Plasma was a vase of Calibqn Gree , followed by Warpatone Glow, then a glaze of Waywatcher Green and finally a drybrush of Moot Green

The next two pieces were painting in a similar way to the conduits, there being the Thermic Plasma Regulators and the Haemotrope Reactirs.

Although the Reactors had Corvus Black and Celatra Grey used to do the black and white sides of the Opus Machina and Grey Knights Steel on the section with the visible Plasma coils.

Then we have the Galvancic Servohaulers, which are really cool little bits of scenery, you get a big crane and two small tractors, which just add lots of flavour to the battlefield.

These ones were based in Leadbelcher, then painted with Flesh Tearers Red Contrast and highlighted in Ironbreaker.

A similar method was used on the Alcomite Stack we have here, you only got half a set in the Conquest Collection so sometimes it does feel a bit lacking, but it does integrate nicely with other stuff.

The next two entries were donated to the collection by Chris, and thear two are his Imperial Bunkers, done in a much simpler scheme than I have done there in the las they still look fantastic.

This kit I swear that Chris gave me just to torture me!

The Plasma Obliterator is an awful lot to build, it’s looks great but it’s an absolute pain in the bum to build.

Then we have some scatter terrain, the first ones being the Battlefield Accessories which are ancient, but look great still, the next is the Objectives set that was originally released with Urban Conquest.

The one thing this table has in abundance is scatter terrain, when you combine these with the containers and promethium barrels from the Armoured Containers there is a lot of it.

The last piece is the big bit of scenery is the Magnavent Walkway, which is a piece unique to Conquest, although to be fair, it’s just a Galvanic Magnavent missing the Alcomite Stack bit.

It’s nice and big and does dominate a large area, but it’s lack of real line of sight blocking is a bit of let down.

But that’s something I think this table needs to get more of going forward, a bit more line of sight blocking stuff.

Possibly gonna end up adding more of the good old reliable STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins to bulk out the line of sight blocking stuff.

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