Episode 7 – Trophies of Judgement (Year 2)

Welcome to Episode 7 of Year 2.

Tonight we will be looking at the following:-

  • A quick look at this months new releases
  • An update of what we have been up to this month
  • A run through of this months news, including that from Black Library Live and what we learned from the Twitch Stream
  • No new Black Library releases, but we do take a look at the books in which the Night Lords are front and centre
  • Michael looks at teh fluff for the Night Lords
  • We dig into the rules and units for the Night Lords
  • We see who can put together a better thematic Night Lords list
  • A quick painting guide for the Night Lords
  • And finally we will look at what events are coming up across the UK

0:00:18 – Introduction
0:02:38 – New Releases
0:18:15 – What We Have Been Up To
1:18:16 – State Of The Union
2:08:13 – Books
2:27:37 – Night Lords Fluff
2:33:13 – Night Lords Crunch
3:14:04 – Night Lords List Challenge
3:40:26 – Night Lords Crap Painters Guide
3:43:20 – Event Shoutouts
4:00:31 – Close

Total Run Time – 4:04:27

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Show Notes

New Releases


Projects June 2018

30k Channel Visit

State of the Union


List Challenge

Crap Painters Guide




  • 15th July – Forge World and Specialist Games Open Day – Warhammer World
  • 18th – 19th August – Warhammer Fest Europe – Dusseldorf
  • 22nd September – Autumn Open Day – Warhammer World
  • 27th – 28th October – Warhammer Expo – Texas
  • 3rd – 4th November – Black Library Weekender
  • 24th – 25th November – Warhammer 40k Open Day – Warhammer World


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