Episode 3 – Tangent Within, Tangent Without (Year 2)

This episode is our Iron Warriors focus episode so we will be spending quite a bit of time talking about them, and going off on lots of tangents!

in Episode 3 we will be looking at the following:-

  • A quick run through of this months new releases
  • An update of what we have been up to this month.
  • A run through of this months news.
  • A look at some of the Black Library books featuring the Iron Warriors.
  • We have an interview with Black Library author Robbie MacNivan author of the Primarchs audio drama Stone and Iron.
  • A little run through of the fluff behind the Iron Warriors.
  • A focused look at the Iron Warriors their units, tactics and Rites of War.
  • We go through both Grahams painting method for Iron Warriors and the Games Workshop technique as well.
  • This months list challenge sees Chris and Michael try to build an Iron Warriors list.
  • And finally we will look at what events are coming up and give a brief Company of Legends update.

0:00:14 – Introduction
0:02:41 – New Releases
0:14:27 – What We Have Been Up To
0:33:14 – State Of The Union
1:06:55 – Iron Warriors Books
1:33:27 – Robbie MacNivan Interview
2:47:07 – Iron Warriors Fluff
3:10:01 – Iron Warriors, Rules, Rites of War and Units
4:11:47 – Iron Warriors List Challenge
4:26:33 – Painting the Iron Warriors
4:35:49 – Event Shoutouts and Company of Legends Update
5:05:29 – Close

Total Run Time – 5:11:21

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Show Notes

New Releases

Pre Orders Dates


State of the Union



Grahams Painting Guide


  • Undercoated in pound shop black spray
  • Dry brushed with a 10/90 split thrash and Vallejo Model Colour Black
  • Dry brush a bit more with Scale Colour Thrash Metal.
  • Dry brush light with Runefang Steel


  • Thinned down Vallejo Model Colour Black. Gives a really great matt black finish


  • Vallejo Game Colour Tinny Tin on edges
  • Citadel Retributor Armour gold

Cover with nuln oil except on gold

Then Agrax Earthshade on silver too, but not black areas

Agrax Earthshade on gold


  • Beastly brown, then thin Yreil Yellow

Painting Guide: Burning of Prospero

List Challenge




  • 12th – 13th May – Warhammer Fest UK – Coventry – Michael is going to this on Sunday.
  • 1st – 3rd June – UK Games Expo – Birmingham
  • 16th June – Black Library Live – Warhammer World – Michael is also going to this!
  • 16th July – Forge World Open Day – Warhammer World
  • 18th – 19th August – Warhammer Fest Europe – Dusseldorf
  • 22nd September – Autumn Open Day – Warhammer World
  • 24th – 25th November – Warhammer 40,000 Open Day – Warhammer World


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