Episode 1 – Michael & Cor’Bax, Sitting In A Tree… (Year 2)

Other shows do seasons, we decided to be different for the sake of being different and do our show in calendar years, so welcome to Year 2 of Edge of Empire!

In episode 1 of year 2 we find out a bit more about who Michael fancies than we wanted to know!!! What we do talk about is the following:-

  • A quick run through of this months new releases
  • An update of what we have been up to this month
  • A run through of this months news including some information from the New Years Open Day
  • A discussion on the debate about which ruleset Heresy should use
  • A quick run through of the big changes in the new rulebook
  • Some brief reviews of this months latest Black Library releases,
  • And in our tactics section we are going to run through Centurion mode and then talk about some lists we put together for that.

0:00:14 – Introduction
0:03:58 – New Releases
0:16:03 – What We Have Been Up To
1:23:27 – State Of The Union
1:50:45 – The Big Heresy Discussion
2:50:04 – Rule Book Changes Summery
3:11:54 – Books
3:33:32 – Centurion Mode List Challenge
4:12:54 – Event Shoutouts
4:24:26 – Close

Total Run Time – 4:31:07

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Show Notes

New Releases


The World Eater Terminators that Graham has painted up this month.

Michael’s Space Wolves Contemptor

Michael’s Space Wolves HQs

Games We Played

Photos from Grahams game against William in North Shields

Michael’s 3000 point army that he took to the Long Gaming Day

Photos from the Long Gaming Day

And we also recorded that game as well, so if you fancy a really long video of a 9000 point a side Horus Heresy game here it is!

State of the Union

James Hewitt AMA

Our Post About the Warhammer World New Years Open Day

Forge Worlds Community post about the Open Day


Centurion Mode


Our Lists


One Last Thing

ISIS declares fatwa against Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

New edition of Warhammer to be set in Newcastle on a Saturday night


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