Company of Legends – Results

Here are the results for the Horus Heresy Weekender, Company of Legends that myself, Graham and the lads from the Durham Raiders ran this weekend.

The weekend was an overall victory for the forces of the Warmaster. The weekend began with a resounding victory for the loyalists, but little by little the traitors chipped away at that lead until they leapt ahead and claimed the Angstrom system for themselves.

For the various award, the winners, who all got a lovely certificate and a coverted Durham Raiders mug, were as follows:-

  • Artisan (Best Painted Army) – Steven Henry and his Legio Custodes
  • Artificer (Best Modelled Army) – Jonathan Richards and his Blood Angels
  • Champion (Sportsmanship) – Jason Mullens
  • Muster-Master (Best Fluff) – Benjamin Williams
  • Histographer (Best Narrative Moment)- Gregg Dann
  • Paragon (Loyalist MVP) – Jens Tariff
  • Dispoiler (Traitor MVP) – Mark Pears

We will put together a bit of an episode about the weekender soon, and uploading some more photographs as well.

We hope those that came enjoyed themselves and we look forward to doing this again next year!

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