Pilot Episode (Year 1)

Here is our pilot episode, we apologise if its a little raw, this is our first time and we are still figuring it all out!

We do need to sort out the audio input levels on the recorder so should be a better show next time round.

In this episode we discuss, A Message from History, a Heresy event held in North Shields in January, our forthcoming Heresy Weekender, our current projects, some fluff about the Wulfen in the Heresy and how to tackle Spartans!

Feedback is appreciated be it good or bad, and if you like us then please leave a review for us on iTunes.

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Show Notes

Here are some handy links to stuff we talk about this episode

Photos from the North Shields Heresy event, – A Message from History.

The Event Page for the Durham Raiders Horus Heresy Weekender – Company of Legends, oh and by the way a ticket for it is still available!

James Headhunters risen from the mud to surprise the enemy
James Headhunters

To the right here you can see James Headhunters, painted in mud as if they have just risen out of the ground as per the scene from the amazing Legion.

Legion by Dan Abnett is actually a really good book and not just for Alpha Legion Fans, I highly recommend you give it a read or a listen to.


Books we mention this episode fall into a couple of categories

Essential Reading – The Beginning of the Heresy

The Burning of Prospero



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