Blood and Glory

Blood & Glory is coming back and so is the Mal Raen setting. The Traitors have suffered greatly on Galvaern and as the Titans land they search elsewhere for a foothold..

The Dreadclaw 003 -Kharybdis with a Blue Badge

In todays episode of The Dreadclaw I chat with Robert Ing of The Imperial Truth about our disabilities and how they impact upon our hobby. And as we mention it here is Roberts award winning Space Wolves army! Army of the Month – January 2018 – Robert Ing We also briefly mention the The Apothecarion, which […]

Army of the Month – January 2018

We have decided to introduce a new thing this month where we will feature some photos of an army of one of our listeners that we really like. For the first month we wanted to feature Robert Ings award winning Space Wolves, which we have spoken about on the show a few times before. Its […]