Company of Legends – Game 4 – Militia Vs Space Wolves

Company of Legends Game 4, sees the Milita and Warhound Titiab of Joe McGough take on Robert Lightowler’s Space Wolves. Please check back tomorrow for game 5 which will be the Mechanicum of Geno Five Two‘s Tom Stallard facing off against Black Libraries Justin Hill and his Imperial Fists.

Company of Legends – Game 1 – Night Lords vs Space Wolves

Here is the first game from Company of Legends for your viewing pleasure, and its Aidan Connor from Durham Raiders playing against Joe Freeman of the Leeds Battle Bunker. We will be uploading the rest of the game videos to YouTube through the week.

Army of the Month – January 2018

We have decided to introduce a new thing this month where we will feature some photos of an army of one of our listeners that we really like. For the first month we wanted to feature Robert Ings award winning Space Wolves, which we have spoken about on the show a few times before. Its […]

Episode 1 – Michael & Cor’Bax, Sitting In A Tree… (Year 2)

Other shows do seasons, we decided to be different for the sake of being different and do our show in calendar years, so welcome to Year 2 of Edge of Empire! In episode 1 of year 2 we find out a bit more about who Michael fancies than we wanted to know!!! What we do […]

Warhammer World New Years Open Day

Whilst we aren’t there, our ever wonderful friend Garro and the Battle Bunnies are keeping us up to date with what’s going on. All photos in this article are from them, so all credit goes to them really. There isn’t a huge amount for Heresy going on, because it isn’t that long until the weekender, […]