The Dreadclaw 002 – Squats!

In the second episode of the Dreadclaw I am joined by Graham Sanders and we talk about Squats and how to do an army of Homo sapiens rotundus using the rules for the Militia. Model Sources Mantic Games – Forgefathers Hasslefree Miniatures – Grymn Ramshackle Games – Dwarves Games Workshop – Kharadron Overlords Rules Forge World […]

Company of Legends – Game 4 – Militia Vs Space Wolves

Company of Legends Game 4, sees the Milita and Warhound Titiab of Joe McGough take on Robert Lightowler’s Space Wolves. Please check back tomorrow for game 5 which will be the Mechanicum of Geno Five Two‘s Tom Stallard facing off against Black Libraries Justin Hill and his Imperial Fists.