Dispute of Iron

The tentative advances of the traitors upon Taras and Incunabula have not gone unnoticed. Astropathic choirs have reached out to Terra in a plea of desperation, the darkening clouds of war are gathering in the Belt of Iron. The Mechanicum have long expected the descent into civil war and have been busy relocating many of […]

Titandeath at Jerulas Station

It is the verge of all out war. The Mechanicum Forges in the Belt of Iron have sent out demands for proof of fealty to their emissaries in both the Questoris Knightly Houses and those within the newly formed Adeptus Titanicus and their less compliant brethren in the Collegia Titanica. The time for subterfuge and […]

Betrayal at Incunabula

As the flames of war still burn brightly through out the Taras system, the tide of war sweeps towards Incunabula. The system was once held in accordance to the tithes owed to the centre of the Mechanicum empire but now dissent has reached the worlds of Incunabula. Tasked with seeking out and eliminating traitorous forces, […]