Episode 3 – Tangent Within, Tangent Without (Year 2)

This episode is our Iron Warriors focus episode so we will be spending quite a bit of time talking about them, and going off on lots of tangents! in Episode 3 we will be looking at the following:- A quick run through of this months new releases An update of what we have been up […]

Episode 5 – Damn You Venator, Damn You To Hell! (Year 1)

In Episode 5 after another protracted break we talk new releases, discuss the reveals from the Forge World Open Day and discuss both the Raid on Angstrom XI – Battle of Bastock and First Blood events Show Notes Here are some handy links and stuff about what we talk about this episode. Links to some of […]

Episode 3 – Battlescribe and Other Miscellaneous Stuff (Year 1)

In Episode 3, we talk with Jon Kissinger about Battlescribe. We also talk about the last months releases, some of our recent games, review of shattered Legions and what we have been up to this month Feedback is appreciated be it good or bad, and if you like us then please leave a review for […]