Sin City

This is a Horus Heresy event using Centurion rules……. join greetings from the warp in a weekend of fun filled Horus Heresy action. play 7 games over the weekend using 1500pt armies adhering centurion rule set. this will be limited to 30 players. To enter send a pay pal of £35 to, labelled as […]

The Radiance of the Dead Crown

The War continues…… Radiance of the Dead Crow…….. WARNING THIS IS A NARRATIVE EVENT play 5 games of Horus Hersy over 2 days…. 3000pts Armies, Great Terrain Great venue Gorgeous Hosts and….. delicious food from Dorns Kitchen & The Raj of Horus. Heresy bongo bingo with great prizes on the saturday evening, After 3 great […]