Company of Legends Special Ops – Warhammer Camp

We didn’t expect to sell out so quickly, so here is a second event for 2018! This is an event which is initally open to those who didn’t get a ticket to Company of Legends in March and are on the reserves list, sales will be opened up later on to the general public. This […]

Company of Legends – Game 1 – Night Lords vs Space Wolves

Here is the first game from Company of Legends for your viewing pleasure, and its Aidan Connor from Durham Raiders playing against Joe Freeman of the Leeds Battle Bunker. We will be uploading the rest of the game videos to YouTube through the week.

Episode 5 – Damn You Venator, Damn You To Hell! (Year 1)

In Episode 5 after another protracted break we talk new releases, discuss the reveals from the Forge World Open Day and discuss both the Raid on Angstrom XI – Battle of Bastock and First Blood events Show Notes Here are some handy links and stuff about what we talk about this episode. Links to some of […]

Planning Company of Legends

We started putting the first touches to Company of Legends 2018 this week, the first thing I addressed was the biggest complaints, which were poor coffee and unpainted armies. For the coffee, (the complaints about  came mostly from the Sons of Heresy), we will be taking along a Tassimo machine and be offering people Costa […]

Company of Legends – Narrative

Game 1 – Loyalist Slaughter the Traitors 10 to 5 GAME 2 Narrative – Loyalists +++Communication – Urgent+++ All commanders in Angstrom Sector Initial Traitor incursion has been repulsed. The stalwart defending by the combined forces slaughtered the traitors as they tried to force a beachhead from the warpstorm. Mustering point on Agnstrom Xi however […]