The Battle for Remidium Alpha

The Battle for Remidium Alpha is the first Horus Heresy Narrative Event run by ourselves (Tabletop Banter) and will be a 1 day, 1750pt Centurion Event held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. — Tickets are on Sale — “A war rages across the galaxy. Horus’ plans have been laid clear, the Istvaan Campaign was deemed […]


Episode 1 – Michael & Cor’Bax, Sitting In A Tree… (Year 2)

Other shows do seasons, we decided to be different for the sake of being different and do our show in calendar years, so welcome to Year 2 of Edge of Empire! In episode 1 of year 2 we find out a bit more about who Michael fancies than we wanted to know!!! What we do […]