Episode 5 – How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (Year 2)

Welcome to Episode 5 of Year 2. Tonight we will be looking at the following:- A quick look at this months new releases An update of what we have been up to this month. A run through of this months news. Some brief reviews of this months latest Black Library releases. We are going to […]

The Dreadclaw 003 -Kharybdis with a Blue Badge

In todays episode of The Dreadclaw I chat with Robert Ing of The Imperial Truth about our disabilities and how they impact upon our hobby. And as we mention it here is Roberts award winning Space Wolves army! Army of the Month – January 2018 – Robert Ing We also briefly mention the The Apothecarion, which […]

Episode 4 – Does Gallant Sound French! (Year 2)

Welcome to Episode 4 of Year 2. Edge of Empire is now available to download on Spotify, so if you are joining us after finding us on there, hello! We are one of the first five Games Workshop focused podcasts to join the platform, the first UK based podcast and, which I find very exciting […]

Company of Legends – Bonus Game – Thousand Sons vs Talons of the Emperor and Imperial Fists

This bonus game from Company of Legends sees Pete Rees and his Thousand Sons take on Jens Träff of Northern Heresy and his Talons of the Emperor and Imperial Fists allies in a rematch to see if they can make the game last a bit longer! And that is all the games that we live […]

Company of Legends – Game 5 – Mechanicum vs Imperial Fists

Today sees the final game from Company of Legends uploaded to YouTube and it once again features Tom Stallard of Geno Five Two and his Mechanicum going up against Black Libraries Justin Hill’s Imperial Fists. Tomorrow we will be adding our final live stream from Company of Legends which will be a rematch between Pete […]

Company of Legends – Game 4 – Militia Vs Space Wolves

Company of Legends Game 4, sees the Milita and Warhound Titiab of Joe McGough take on Robert Lightowler’s Space Wolves. Please check back tomorrow for game 5 which will be the Mechanicum of Geno Five Two‘s Tom Stallard facing off against Black Libraries Justin Hill and his Imperial Fists.