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War of The Roses

1 July @ 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm


The War of The Roses – A Kimchi 30k Event

The Empire is burning, brother fights brother across the Imperium, plans set in motion aeons ago are finally coming to pass, chaos is ascendant. The system of Hilmfrith is beset on all sides, by those that adhere to the Emperors greatness and those that rally for the warmaster Horus, traitors from the surrounding systems of Luneceshir and Yicksheer are making a final two pronged attack to capture the system and its munitions, munitions which are sorely needed in this war. Can the Loyalist forces of both systems stop the incursion of the warmaster and chaos? Only time will tell….

Rules Pack

We are using the current red core rulebook and any FAQ that goes with it.
Points for each game is 2500, only using the standard Crusade Age of Darkness FoC, 25% rule is in force.
No Proxies (things like marines not being modelled with pistols on their thigh etc are allowed, no cardboard Titans!)
The event comprises of three games. First two games will last Two hours each, at the end of the Two hours, winner will be decided on points accrued at that time, if points are equalled then it is a draw, points accrued by both players in the game will be added to the individuals side total (yorks or lancs).
Overall winner is the side that has accrued most points over the three games played.
The final game for each player has a time limit of three hours.
Price for the day will be £10, this includes admission to the venue and event.

There will be two Marshals for the event, one from each club.

TBA – Lancs
Ian Makinson – Yorks

They will be on hand to judge rule queries or be an objective person for LoS etc, there word is final, its only a game of fun and should be treated as so.

Army lists will have to be approved prior to the event, any lists presented on the day will not be allowed and disqualified. Payment can be made through our paypal. Marshal for Lancs will approve his side’s lists and Ian will approve his side’s lists. They will also have an army list of their own, this is in case a member of their side fails to turn up, they can fill in. They will approve each others list’s.

Payment for the event can be made through the kimchi paypal, kimchi_warrior@yahoo.com OR given directly to Ian Makinson or Tracy Mchugh on the day

The overall team who wins, will gain the WoTR cup/shield, and have their sides name with year engraved upon it.

A note on the Mechanicum, if a player wishes to use the Mechanicum, they must state whether they are Traitor or Loyalist, both Cybernetica and Reductor FoC’s are allowed, with the 25% rule in force. Once a FoC is chosen, it stays for the entire three games, no swapping FoC between games.

Armies – Once you have your list, that is it, you can not alter the list, either add to or change it. Once your list has been approved it is ‘set in stone’, if you are under pointed, that is your look out and not the fault of your opponents, this includes your chosen Rite of War. Your chosen Rite of War carries over the three games played, no changing your rite in-between games.

Relics are allowed, we are limiting them to ONE per army/player. These can be found in HH book 4, page 222 onwards

Game one – Tide of Carnage

Dawn of War Deployment

Game Two – Onslaught

Clash of the Line Depoyment

Game Three – Shatter Strike

Hammer and Anvil Deployment.

Most of all have fun!!!!!!!!!!


1 July
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Kimchi 30k


Holmfirth Gaming Centre
1 Miry Lane, New Mill
Thongsbridge, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9 7HP United Kingdom
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01484 689402