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Titandeath at Jerulas Station

23 November @ 9:00 am - 24 November @ 6:00 pm

It is the verge of all out war. The Mechanicum Forges in the Belt of Iron have sent out demands for proof of fealty to their emissaries in both the Questoris Knightly Houses and those within the newly formed Adeptus Titanicus and their less compliant brethren in the Collegia Titanica. The time for subterfuge and misdirection is at an end, and that end has come to Jerulas Station.
The gods of war shall walk upon the blighted plains and urban sprawls of Jerulas Station and will lay waste to all that oppose their masters. Destruction on a planetary scale is about to be unleashed.

The weekend will consist of five games of Age of Darkness or Adeptus Titanicus, each of which, you will have two and a half hours to play that round.
AoD games will be played on a 6’x 8’ board and Adeptus Titanicus Games will be played on a 4’x4’ board. You will be matched against a random player to play against (in the unlikely event of a repeat match up please let the organiser know as quickly as possible so that we can sort out a replacement player for you where possible).

Each game will be played using the Age of Darkness Missions found in the Forge World Horus Heresy Age of Darkness rule book with some modification to allow for interplay between God Engines. Optional Force Organisation Charts are allowed and there will be additional rules for the use of titans and knights in the panoply of the Collegia Titanica via a custom army list (featuring new equipment, rules and units) and the event pack (including a custom set of Tactical Objective cards).

5 Games will be played out across the weekend, where players can chose to either play games in 28mm scale or ‘small’ scale (6mm or Epic scale titans are perfectly fine). Tickets will be available for either scale for players to chose at point of purchase – however tickets are strictly limited so it is best to secure them early to avoid disappointment.

28mm Tickets will be sold as a ‘Maniple’ ticket – allowing 1-3 players to field a force against a similar pointed opposition. This may mean that games maybe 1V1, 1V3, 2V2 or any other combination.

As part of the weekends games you will be presented with a custom deck of Collegia Titanica Tactical Objective cards and a player swag bag (one of each per ticket) for use throughout the weekend. Additional player swag bags and decks of cards can be purchased alongside tickets if you’re Maniple includes more than one player.

This is a FUN narrative gaming weekend, where you are encouraged to leave tournament lists at home and instead focus on the game as telling a story rather than checking off another victory. The games will be objective based but engine kills will also have an importance.

Your ticket to this event covers entry for your maniple to the Titandeath at Jerulas Station event. At the heart of the event are five games of Horus Heresy Age of Darkness or five games of Adeptus Titanicus. These Five games will see you play against like minded players. There are lots of fun things to aim for, from painting competitions to gaming awards and of course the heroic tales of your God Engines.

You will be greeted with coffee and doughnuts on Saturday morning and served a tasty hot lunch on Saturday and Sunday, if you have any particular dietary requirements please contact King Fluff via email on King_Fluff@hotmail.co.uk (when purchasing your ticket).

SATURDAY October 13 2018

9:00am Doors open. Registration begins, coffee & doughnuts.

10:00am Welcome and Event Briefing

10:30am–13:00pm Game 1

13:00pm–14:00pm Lunch and painting competitions.

14:00pm–16:30pm Game 2

16:30pm–17:00pm Break

17:00pm–19:30pm Game 3

7:30pm- 22:00pm ‘Friendly’ break out games/visit to local ale house etc.

22:00pm Venue closes

SUNDAY October 14 2018

10:00am Event opens.

10:30am–13:00pm Game 4

13:00pm–14:00pm Lunch

14:00pm–16:30pm Game 5

16:30pm–17:00pm Break

17:00pm Award Ceremony and Event closes

18:00pm Venue closes

Chain of Command

This event is part of a much wider campaign which will pit Imperium, Traitor and Xenos forces against each other in the cauldron of war, however there are always spoils of war, the battles of Jerulas Station are no exception.

We will be using a scoring system where engine kills will be rewarded with custom Princeps Ranking insignia. Each maniple commander will begin the weekend with a Princeps rank, which may be upgraded at the award ceremony for a higher rank depending on how many engine kills they have achieved across the 5 games.


23 November @ 9:00 am
24 November @ 6:00 pm
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