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The Clearances of Druimm

24 November @ 10:00 am - 25 November @ 5:00 pm


There was a moments silence aboard ‘An Suil Urramach’ as the space station’s Astropaths readied themselves to relay the message. B’einn had fallen; there were to be no reinforcements, no rescue missions, no further contact with the planet. It was to be quarantined until the Terran authorities could decide upon the fate of this condemned planet. As if this weren’t already enough of a blow to the natives of the sector, scattered radio chatter and reports from nearby trade vessels suggested that the invaders were already moving onto the next phase of their assault.


Next event: 24th/25th Of November, we’d love to see you there!

Ticket price : £40 – Those of you who managed perfect 50/50 scores should contact us before paying.

Location: Common Ground Games, Stirling

Type: Fun Narrative. Let me repeat that. Fun. Narrative. Think “Would I have fun playing against this list with my Heresy armies?”

This one’ll be a little different because there are two types of ticket, one for Zone Mortalis and one for Age of Darkness. You can also just say “Whatever, use me as a filler for either” and I will love you forever for it. The Zone Mortalis tickets will be limited to allow us the best chance to prepare a suitable experience.

Zone Mortalis players will be playing in space, battling for control of the space station “An Suil Urramach”. The effects of which faction control what parts – and how they control these parts – will determine bonuses or handicaps for their allies on the ground. Did the traitors take the weapons platform? Did the loyalists destroy the comms relays so as not to have them fall into enemy hands? These are all going to be part of four unique missions for ZM players that will impact their allies and foes. There will also be a fifth mission that will entirely depend on how the story goes.

Planetary invaders are going to have to fight through unique deployments and mission types, while secretly praying that their allies above can help them out. The fate of the planet is ultimately up to you, I just imagine having a giant space laser would help you out a bit. Four games with a fifth surprise game like last time but not the same as last time.

The event pack will follow once we’ve got the details hashed out.

There will be at least three other changes to how we run this event, based on the feedback we received.

– We are going to have a group of heresy event organisers vet lists. Nothing is banned or anything like that, lists are just going to be ranked on “strength” so we can match people up with lists that are “fairer”. Hopefully people will have more fun when it’s a more level playing field. Priority will be given to those with “weaker” lists for any and all decisions such as being given their preferred faction. If there are outliers these will be modified to bring them in line to their nearest rivals as per our ‘Chaos of War’ rule.

– We are going to give you a very light run down of the missions in the event pack so you get an idea of what type of army to take. That way there are no ‘oh piffle, I have no way of doing that’ moments. The aim of the event will still be to complete missions and not just wipe out your opponent.

– The narrative will be written as it happens so it ties in more closely to what’s actually going on. Including armies and cool things that happened on the day, rather than pre written.

More information to follow


24 November @ 10:00 am
25 November @ 5:00 pm
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Common Ground Games
40B Cowane Street
Stirling, Stirlingshire FK8 1JR United Kingdom
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