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Portsmouth Apocalypse

24 February @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


February 24th, Sunday – Portsmouth.

Royal British Legion,
1-3 Lucknow St,

Contact details for more info – 07400086971
Instagram – HoundsofCaldorax

Car park right behind the British Legion and right next to Fratton train station.

£10.00 (pays for the hall and any extra will be donated to the British Legion too)


The battle of Beta-Garmin was waged towards the end of the Heresy. When the Ruinstorm abated the loyalist forces mustered the majority of their Non-Astartes strength to Beta-Garmon to hold the traitor advance. Until such a time where Roboute Guilliman and Lion El’Jonson could arrive from the rear and crush them.

Thus a massive armada consisting of tens of thousands of vessels including hundreds of Collegia Titanica Titan transports were mustered to the strategically important world of Beta-Garmon which was known as the gateway to Sol. They where confronted with a massive traitor armada led by Horus himself. The Beta-Garmon System had already being contested since the Schism of Mars by both loyalist Mechanicum and Dark Mechanicum forces, but by the time of the muster the situation was largely favouring the loyalists. With the arrival of Horus’ fleet, the traitors rapidly descended across multiple worlds of the Beta-Garmon Cluster. Hundreds of naval battles both big and small erupted across the Cluster as war began on all fronts.

The subsequent battle became one of the largest of the Heresy. The scale was such that it encompassed multiple theatres such as the Titandeath and Sea of Fire campaigns, both massive engagements in their own right.


7,500 points Maximum Per player. 2 Age of Darkness Charts. (2 HQ & 4 troops minimum therefore)
Only one version of each Primarch.


Titan Death; The Beta Garmin System was ravaged by the battle of Titan Legios on both sides. The level of destruction was on a scale few had seen. Titans engaged each other for not just honour, but the survival of their Legios. To represent this the follow rules apply.

• All Titans will be separate from your armies points cost, they will be balanced per table/side.

• After deployment but before the first turn. All Titans will have thier turn. They will alternate moving and firing at ONLY other Titans, starting with the player that goes second.

• This shooting can only damage Titans. (Anyone caught under a blast template etc will not be damaged or effected.)
• After this has happened they have been deemed to have had their first turn and cannot do anything during the “normal” turn one. They may act as normal from then on.


3 Tables will be connected in a H pattern.
These tables will then be split into 3 separate battlefields.

Primary Objectives:

Each Battlefield will have 6 Objectives – 2 in deployment, 2 in no man’s Land, 2 in enemy deployment.

Whoever has control of the Battlefield via having more victory points will gain control of that Battlefield. Whoever has more Battlefields controlled has won the Game.

These Objectives are the following Victory points;
Deployment – 5
No man’s Land – 8
Enemy deployment – 12

Price of Failure is also in use for victory points.

Secondary objectives: Total number of Victory points.

Simple as that lads.


Royal British Legion Portsmouth
1-3 Lucknow Street
Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 1PS United Kingdom
+ Google Map
023 9282 1195