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Fratricide at Taras

12 May @ 9:00 am - 13 May @ 6:00 pm


The Taras system is besieged on all sides, a pivotal system in the war effort against the arch traitor and his legions of misguided warriors. With major Forge Worlds close by and a series of Astartes home worlds, Taras had become a much envied jewel in Horus’ crown of lies. The Regent of Terra has issued pleas for help in defending the Taras system to all those brothers still loyal to the Throne World, instructing them to send forces to form an emergency expeditionary fleet, to intercept the raiding parties sent by the errant Warmaster. Not far from the ever watchful Mechanicum, Taras and her surrounding worlds supply the materials needed by the Forge World of Graia in order for it remain functional in the war effort supporting the Emperor’s Imperium. Should Taras fall to the traitors it may mean that Horus could stage an offensive on Terra much sooner than anticipated by Imperial Scholars. Rearmed and supplied by the verdant worlds of the Taras system, Horus could well steal the initiative from the already thinly stretched Imperium.

The weekend will consist of five games of Age of Darkness, each of which, you will have two and a half hours to play that round.

Games will be played on a 6’x4’ board and you will be matched against a random player to play against (in the unlikely event of a repeat match up please let the organiser know as quickly as possible so that we can sort out a replacement player for you where possible).

Each game will be played using the Age of Darkness Missions found in the Forge World Horus Heresy: Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List book. Optional Force Organisation Charts are allowed as is the use of Super Heavy detachments and Relics (but bear in mind that your opponent will be grading your army list selection based on how much fun it is to play against).

Games 1 & 2 will be single games using a 2500pt army list, game 3 will be a randomly matched doubles game (it maybe possible that during this game you may face an opponent you have battled before).

Games 4 & 5 will be single games using a 2500pt list.

This is a FUN narrative gamng weekend, where you are encouraged to leave tournament lists at home and instead focus on the game as telling a story rather than checking off another victory. The games will be objective based and have an impact on who is crowned champion – however you’re investment in the wider hobby has much more of an influence on whether you are declared champion than simply winning games.

Your ticket to this event covers entry for you to the Fratricid at Taras event. At the heart of the event are five games of Warhammer 40,000. These Five games will see you play against like minded players. There are lots of fun things to aim for, from painting competitions to gaming awards. You will be greeted with coffee and doughnuts on Saturday morning and served a tasty hot lunch on Saturday and Sunday, if you have any particular dietary requirements please contact King Fluff via email on King_Fluff@hotmail.co.uk (when purchasing your ticket).

SATURDAY 12th May 2018

9:00am Doors open. Registration begins, coffee & doughnuts.

10:00am Welcome and Event Briefing

10:30am–13:00pm Game 1

13:00pm–14:00pm Lunch and painting competitions : Character, Unit and Warmachine

14:00pm–16:30pm Game 2

16:30pm–17:00pm Break

17:00pm–19:30pm Game 3 (Doubles)

7:30pm- 22:00pm ‘Friendly’ break out games/visit to local ale house etc.

22:00pm Venue closes

SUNDAY 13th May 2018

10:00am Event opens.

10:30am–13:00pm Game 4

13:00pm–14:00pm Lunch

14:00pm–16:30pm Game 5

16:30pm–17:00pm Break

17:00pm Award Ceremony and Event closes

18:00pm Venue closes


This event is the begining of a much wider campaign which will pit Imperium, Traitor and Xenos forces against each other in the cauldron of war, however for this battle there must be a champion.

We will be using a scoring system which will reward the brave and the bold with points in order to hopefully be crowned Champion of Taras.

After each game, each player will grade their opponent based on a set of criteria. This figure will then be multiplied by the number of victory points scored by the player. The criteria will cover sportsmanship, army composition, quality of painting etc. So it is important to note that even though we are asking for fully painted armies, which are based, it is worth putting in extra effort to gain more points at the event.


12 May @ 9:00 am
13 May @ 6:00 pm
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