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Fracture of Iilyria

2 February @ 9:30 am - 9:00 pm

The Northern Reaches of Segmentum Ultima

Satnik-Prime Josep Dzevenic stood in the strategium, a cup of recaf held in hands trembling with a mixture of exhaustion, adrenaline and fear, not that he’d ever admit the last one. While the sight of the warriors of the Legions Astartes was becoming ever more common on the worlds of the Illyrian System nothing ever prepares you for the feeling of being in close proximity to such bioengineered killing potential.

Not since the time of his great grandfather had the Legions been seen in this area of space. Like Tallarn, Voltoria, and Cerbraka, Illyria has been a staging world for the outward expansion of the middle years of the Great Crusade; and like those systems it had been confined to obsolescence by the ever outwardly expanding Crusade. A world fortified and primed for war with no enemies to fight.

However, in the last few years everything had changed. The first the inhabitants of Illyria knew of the betrayal of Horus was a battered and burned ship of the VIIth Legion entering the System with its weapon systems primed, shields raised and a proclamation of intent to any who would subvert the will of the Emperor. This was met with understandable confusion by the military nobles of the System; shortly after the Sons of Dorn took control of the System and began to reinforce the existing defences as well as gather other surviving Legion forces to them. This had been two months ago and work had not stopped since.

The news of Istvaan and the betrayal there had swept through the citizens like wildfire. Josep was impressed that it seemed to galvanise the people to action rather than paralyse them with fear. The Great Crusade was over, broken upon the alter of hubris and madness and now the forces of the Archtraitor were coming for them. The worlds of Illyria had been reinforced with various Legion forces, mortals, Titans, Knights and even delegations of Mechanicum fleets. They had gathered here as driftwood upon a tide; thrust into the embrace of the System by will, whim or want to lay down their lives for the Emperor and Terra.

War was upon them but they would stand. Josep looked around at the gathered warriors; mortal and superhuman alike and felt a swell of pride. They could yet win this… Emperor willing they could win this.

And then the alarms rang…

The Fracture of Iilyria will be a narrative gaming event run at Warhammer World prior to the Horus Heresy Weekender. As with previous years we will be running a big game for a number of players along with a number of linked scenarios.

The games to be fought will be;

– Multiplayer large board game
– Multiplayer Titan combat
– Heresy Kill Team mini-campaign
– Associated 2.5-4K games

We will be providing all of the background for the campaign along with the interactive data feeds through the Twitter Noosphere so welcome game results from those not able to make it to Warhammer World on the day!


2 February
9:30 am - 9:00 pm
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Crusade and Heresy


Warhammer World
20 Lenton Lane
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 2NR United Kingdom
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0115 900 4151