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Flashpoint: Cortona

31 August @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


War has come to Cortona.

The 316th Grand Battalion of the IV Legion refused to join the slaughter at Istvaan and have fled, pursued by elements from both their erstwhile brothers in the traitor forces and escaping remnants of the loyalists, aided by splinter forces of other loyal Legions eager for vengeance.

Seeking refuge and resupply on the last world they brought to compliance, Cortona, they arrive in system bloodied and bruised to find no respite, but a world in turmoil; their garrison slaughtered, cities levelled and a bitter Mechanicum civil war raging amongst the ruins.

With no way forward or back, Warsmith Varela makes planetfall and prepares his defences amid the shattered ruins of the planet’s capital city. As dusk falls on the second day of fortification work, the night sky is ablaze. Loyal and traitor fleets arrive piecemeal and engage in orbit without hesitation, every one of them disgorging drop pods and gunships in low orbit, often being annihilated by enemy fire even before their full compliment of troops are deployed.

The stage is set for a short and brutal campaign. War calls. Will you answer?


Saturday 31st August 2019
Common Ground Games, Stirling
Tickets £22.50 per player which includes lunch at the venue


Three games in one day. A 1,000 pts scout force, 2,000 & 3,000 pts standard Age of Darkness forces.

Force restrictions:

No special characters. Everything else is ok but remember it’s not a tournament, it’s a narrative event. Scout forces will follow ‘centurion’ ruleset with the exception that Rhinos and Legion Drop Pods (not Dreadnought Drop Pods) are allowed as dedicated transports.

Prizes / keepsakes:

There will be lots of awards split between painting, sportsmanship and for the winning faction.

Part of your ticket cost will fund a ‘swag bag’ for collection on the day.


31 August
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Common Ground Games
40B Cowane Street
Stirling, Stirlingshire FK8 1JR United Kingdom
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