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Dauntless Few 30K Event Horus Heresy

30 June @ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Prizes at the moment stand at:
⦁ Best sportsman.
Framed art work.
Wound and objective markers

⦁ Best Army (fluff based)
Purity seal
Wound and objective markers

⦁ Best Painted
Purity seal
Wound markers
Hobby supplies

⦁ Best loyalist (most Wins Loyalist)
Purity seal
Wound markers

⦁ Best Traitor (most Wins Traitor)
Purity seal
Wound markers

Hull Angels Horus Heresy
three games event, narrative play will be encouraged and rewarded throught the day
Rules Pack And Details Below.
Ticket Price £10 via PayPal 4 weeks prior to event (Saturday 2nd June)
Pay at club prior to event or
Pm Lewis Howard for PayPal email.

Welcome to the event pack for Hulls Angels Horus Heresy The Dauntless Few Event.
This event pack will list all the details for the event list points and restrictions.

Hulls Angels Attendance Rules
Each Gamer that attends a Hulls Angels event will be expected to present themselves on the day in a suitable manner I.E clean and tidy. If you wish to watch other players games if your game ends early please keep it civil/ watch from a distance and do not offer advice at all to either player. If this happens you could be removed from the event and will no longer have a score at the event. If anyone has a rules question or requires help please only contact a committee member for advice!

Event Essentials System:
All rule and army books requires(please try to have a physical book for the event it is not enforced for the main rule book)

Force org: Crusader Force org only

Army Size: 2500 points

3 Games (timings to follow)

Rites of war banned for this event; (Primarchs Chosen) (Zone Mortalis assault force)

Thousand sons ‘the Guard of the crimson King’: Magnus the red will not be able to be taken as a HQ or in the army at all but the Rite of war will be able to be taken for this event.

Any ROW that confers out flank or deep strike to any units, Squadrons or Talons will be counted as individual units when determining how many units can deploy, and such ignore normal deployment rules.

Army Restrictions
⦁ No Lords of War including Primarchs
⦁ No relics from Any of the Black Books.

Your army:
Don’t panic! all models in your army will have to be wiziwig, for the moment painting isn’t mandatory but encouraged as it is for the fun of everyone attending to be facing an army of glory and not a legion of grey plastic.
So at the minimum.

For the above reason your army must have the base colour of your chosen legion.
Blood Angels-red.
Ultra Marines-blue.
Imperial Fists-yellow
And so on.

Instead of the usual system of most number of wins winning the event like a tournament, on the day you will be judged by your opponents on how much fun they had playing you and on the Fluff/narrative of your army in two categories,
The scoring system for the overall winner of the tournament are as follows. each game your opponent will rate you on a 1-10 point system of how much they enjoyed the game played and how much they enjoyed playing you. For example, a 1 being did not enjoy the game at all, a 10 being the best game they have ever played.
Aswell as scoring 1-10 on how close to fluffyour army is and how it’s played.

There are awards for the:
⦁ Best sportsman/Best Player 1st place
⦁ Best Army (fluff based)
⦁ Best Painted
⦁ Best loyalist (most Wins Loyalist)
⦁ Best Traitor (most Wins Traitor)

This is to hopefully inspire fluffy lists and sportsmanship at this Horus Heresy event.

Game Scenarios
The three games you play on the day will be decided on the table you play on each table on the day will have a different scenario each, you will be assigned a table every round and if by some mistake you have been assigned the same table again please inform the game organizer you have, and a different one will be assigned
Army lists need to be submitted at least a two weeks in advance of the tournament and you will also need two copies of your army list on the day.
Warlord Traits, Psychic powers and Dark Channeling will be rolled every game in front of your opponent. If this is not done please see a committee member.


30 June
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Hulls Angels


Hulls Angels
Unit 2, 14-18 Grimston Street
Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire HU1 3HG United Kingdom
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