Back to the XVIIth

I have gotten some time in my studio this week to concentrate on painting some of my Word Bearers, I have been distracted with painting my Dropfleet Commander force for the UK Games Expo next month so it’s nice to finally dedicate some time to the XVIIth. I have built 15 Tartaros Terminators which will […]

Company of Legends – Narrative

Game 1 – Loyalist Slaughter the Traitors 10 to 5 GAME 2 Narrative – Loyalists +++Communication – Urgent+++ All commanders in Angstrom Sector Initial Traitor incursion has been repulsed. The stalwart defending by the combined forces slaughtered the traitors as they tried to force a beachhead from the warpstorm. Mustering point on Agnstrom Xi however […]