Company of Legends 2018 – Progress Report 1

Welcome to the first Company of Legends 2018 Progress Report. Company of Legends is the Edge of Empire Podcasts annual Horus Heresy Gaming Weekender, and in 2018 is being held at the Moor House Adventure Centre in Rainton Gate just outside Durham on the 23rd March to 25th March 2018. This is a short update […]

The Mastodon

Had a couple of people asking if I could put up some photos of my Mastodon so I figured I would oblige. So here are some I posted on Instagram. It's taken a week and a half but I have competed my Mastodon for my Word Bearers! Really love this model, it's beautiful and will […]

Back to the XVIIth

I have gotten some time in my studio this week to concentrate on painting some of my Word Bearers, I have been distracted with painting my Dropfleet Commander force for the UK Games Expo next month so it’s nice to finally dedicate some time to the XVIIth. I have built 15 Tartaros Terminators which will […]

Company of Legends – Narrative

Game 1 – Loyalist Slaughter the Traitors 10 to 5 GAME 2 Narrative – Loyalists +++Communication – Urgent+++ All commanders in Angstrom Sector Initial Traitor incursion has been repulsed. The stalwart defending by the combined forces slaughtered the traitors as they tried to force a beachhead from the warpstorm. Mustering point on Agnstrom Xi however […]